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I wanna write one of those fics that an entire fandom knows about, that shows up on everyone’s rec list, that people create artwork for.




I think we all can relate.

I know I can. doesn’t it come out soon? Like real soon?

If I had to guess, I would say at the earliest, end of May. But more likely in June/July. 

I hope for June..i want to see tha episode so bad…

"It’s too late to regret it now. Reality will just harshly move forward.
I’m saying that I want to create a world where heroes don’t have to make pathetic excuses in front of graves”.


au Rin survives and joins ANBU as Kakashis partner (part 2)

my babies are so perfect they break my fucking heart into pieces.


Person: What is perfection?
Me: My otps.

Here’s how it works


I ship what I ship

You ship what you ship.

You let me ship what I ship.

I let you ship what you ship.

I will not call you names and insult your ships

You will not call me names and insult my ships

I leave you and your ships alone

You leave me and my ships alone



When someone attacks my ships.


when your ship interact with each other and you just


when your OTP is getting married



I never meant to start a war.
-kishimoto [to all the shippers]




A lot of people have been commenting on the scene when Sasuke makes his appearance and the look Hinata gives him


So even as a sasuhina shipper I was a bit taken aback by this part. I almost feel like the way this was set up was so Kishi could put emphasis on something. Theres such a huge…

I think it was more like

Hinata :” Who is it ?”

Ino: “Eh….Sa…Sasuke-kun…?!


Haha ….no offense

Hah no offense, don’t worry! I thought the same thing but this theory is interesting ^^

Song: NaruHina

Plays: 136


I made a translation of NaruHina song that was done by Arianna Fray (vocal and music) and Andrey Toktarov (lyrics). Original language is Russian, but I asked if I could translate it to English and post it on Tumblr and I was given a green light. So here it is. Translation doesn’t have rhyme, but I tried my best to give the meaning of each line as it is in the original. Enjoy!

Music and vocal: Arianna Fray (Ksyu Berezovaya)

Lyrics: Andrey Toktarov

Tears are falling on asphalt,

Boy is walking long road towards the sunset,

And the bottle in his hand to help forget the pain,

Yet it is hard to drink it to the bottom.


Alcohol will help to hold the tears,

And don’t be sad, you don’t care. (it refers to listener here regarding the boy)

He sits on roadside, no more strength to stand up,

Here is the last sip, bottle is empty now.


Head is now like a heavy burden,

Only one thought was there “I’m never coming back!”

Here is the freedom – field, he is alone,

Nobody will know where is this blond.


Everyone despise him, like he is an alien,

In his own village, the boy is stranger.

Orphan and untalented – this is everything he ever heard,

Suddenly he hears girl’s scream that sounds like heart’s cry.


There, on those cliffs where he himself was going to,

This scream was like a dope, it gave strength to his legs.

Like being sober - he rushed there,

He didn’t even notice all those hits from tree’s sticks.


Ran out of the thicket, suddenly in front of him,

A girl appeared that was all in tears.

With dark purple hair, with length to the waist,

A boy was so charmed that it was like he rooted in the ground.


Her painful cry still was in his ears.

Abyss was in front of her, just one more step,

- Wait! What are you doing! Please, stop!

- I will leave this life! Don’t stand on my way!


Girl looked in his eyes,

It still wasn’t dry from his last tears.

Eyes blue as sky are watching at her,

A tale of his suffering those eyes can tell.


Her eyes were beautiful of unusual color,

Like lavender petals and without pupils.

- What happened to you? Please, don’t make this step,

Why doing all this when you are so good.

- Why do you care? Will I die or not,

Why do you need a reason? – this question was an answer.

- I was going right here as well, to make my step into the abyss.

But your soul is everything now that in my thoughts!

And now there is only your image, I forever will be yours,

Please, stop and stay with me!

I will jump for you if necessary just to be near with you,

Because now my feelings even death can’t take from me.

While persuading, he come closer to her,

Now he found a new purpose for his life.

- I will not let you die, I will stop you,

Please stay with me, because I love you.


So sincere he never was in his entire life,

Because he forgot a long time ago what it is to be happy.

He gently took her hand and hugged her passionately,

Nine-Tail boy saved the girl from death’s grasp.

Original lyrics:

Музыка и голос: Arianna Fray (Ксю Березовая)
Слова: Андрей Токтаров

Каплями роняя слезы на асфальт,
Шел дорогой длинной, парень на закат.
И в руке бутылка, чтобы боль забыть,
Только очень трудно все до дна испить.

Алкоголь позволит слезы не сдержать,
И откиньте грусть, вам же наплевать.
Сел он на обочине, больше сил нет встать,
Вот глоток последний, тара вся пуста. 

Голову повесил, словно тяжкий груз,
В голове вертелось ” Больше не вернусь!”
Вот она свобода - поле, он один,
Никто и не узнает где этот блондин.

Все лишь презирают, словно он чужой,
И в своей деревне, парень им не свой.
Сирота, и бездарь - все что слышал он,
Вдруг крик женский слышит, будто в сердце стон. 

Там , у тех обрывов, шел туда ведь сам, 
Это крик как допинг, силы дал ногам.
Словно протрезвев - бросился туда,
И не замечая, веток всех удар. 

Выбежал из чащи, вдруг его глазам, 
Девушка открылась, что была в слезах.
Сине - черным цветом до пояса волос,
Очарован парень, словно в землю врос. 

Плач ее терзячий, слышался в ушах.
Пропасть перед нею, лишь остался шаг,
-Стой! Что ты задумала! Пожалуйста постой!
-Я уйду из жизни! На пути не стой! 

Девушка взглянула на его глаза,
В них еще не высохла, последняя слеза.
Очи цвета неба, на нее глядят,
О его страданиях тоже говорят.

Глаз ее красивых, необычный цвет,
Лепестков лаванды и зрачков в них нет 
-Что с тобой случилось? Прошу не делай шаг,
Зачем всё это, ведь ты так хороша.

-Тебе то что за дело! Умру я или нет,
Зачем тебе причина? - вопросом был ответ.
-Я тоже шел сюда же, чтоб сделать в пропасть шаг.
Но чувства все затмила, теперь твоя душа!

И там теперь твой образ, навеки буду твой,
Прошу остановись, останься же со мной!
В след за тобой я прыгну, чтобы хоть рядом быть,
Теперь ведь мои чувства и смерти не убить. 

Уговорить пытаясь, к ней близко подошел,
Теперь он своей жизни, цель новую нашел.
-Не дам тебе погибнуть, тебя остановлю,
Прошу останься рядом, ведь я тебя люблю. 

Так искренним наверно он никогда не был,
Ведь что такое счастье, давно уж позабыл.
Взял нежно ее за руку, и крепко приобнял,
Девятихвостый девушку от смерти уз отнял