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Always by your side


But when was it ever stated that Naruto loves Sakura? Oh yeah that’s right it wasn’t……

It’s really bother me when people say that. I mean. When? Where? <_< 

I think Peeta might get somewhat better, But…I don’t think he’ll ever be the same.

Back then. I knew I should have called him out.


Bless the day that Josh Hutcherson was cast as Peeta Mellark!

You know what I’m looking forward to most when NS falls?


Watching those certain louder NS shippers (whom I will not say, but we all can name at least 2 off the top of our heads) either completely scramble for justification, say it was just to please the fans, call Kishimoto a terrible writer, or just completely vanish from all social media. I will look forward to their struggles and excuses. I will look forward and I will laugh, laugh, and laugh.

"Falling doesn't give you a reason to give up as long as you 
You guys..!! Pass ♥


"But there's nothing I can do about it. After all, I'm this type of person."
Do you remember that sky of tears?


“The character Naruto represents a little bit of myself and a little bit of my child. It was after my children were born that I wanted to write about Naruto’s parents. The way Naruto’s parents feel about him is very close to how I feel towards my kids.”

Masashi Kishimoto; 岸本斉史

↳ ナルトファイナルカウントダウン 20 days

Make a gifset sasusaku please? Episode 372.

What djajdhshusjajwidu HOW!? I MEAN JDJQOIDHDH!! Ok I'm sorry but I can't control myself right now. YOUR DRAWING IS PERFRCT OK?! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! My new favorite :3 and new mobile background haha

AALDJALKJJALLAKL! I’m so happy for that! Thank you sweety <3 Love you!!


Fight For Your Love


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